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    billynastyslut avatarbillynastyslut

    What advise would you give to a new CD to start?

    Best places to get size conversions or sissy wear?
    Work on clothing first or makeup?
    What are your favorite sites for learning to dress and makeup?
    Favorite shave products for legs and/or hole body?
    Dealing with your first wig how too/s?
    Favorite places to find to meet others like us and men?
    Best training products?

    Let me know what I missed. Since I am the first to post here, lets see what we can get started.

    LadyNyssa avatarLadyNyssa

    I would say you need to say what type of girl you want to be before this can be answered. Regardless imo makeup is definitely a good place to start to get started imo. Learn how to do foundation and liquid eyeliner. I use Nyx as my brand you’ll need an oil based remover for it. Learn how to trim and clean your brows as well. It will help shape.

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